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Seascape Paintings by Charlotte Light

Seascape Paintings that are Dramatic & Romantic  

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Charlotte Light: Seascape Artist

Charlotte Light began her path as a seascape artist after being fortunate enough to view the work of several other respected artists in the field. During frequent trips to the Oregon coast with her three dogs, she has spent a great deal of time studying the ocean to further inspire her own work.

Charlotte gained experience with seascape painting techniques by attending several workshops with a variety of prominent seascape artists in Oregon, Washington, and California. After becoming fascinated with the drama of the sea, she is drawn to paint seascape paintings almost exclusively. She strives to paint seascapes with a romantic mood and to capture the drama, feel, and movement of the ocean in colorful oils on canvas. Charlotte is inspired by moonlit nights, sunsets in the evening, and morning light on the Pacific coast. Her romantic seascape paintings depict the dramatic power of the sea.

Inspired & Trained

Charlotte was first inspired to paint seascapes on a trip to Hawaii. The different colors in the ocean fascinated her, and she was drawn to capture them on canvas. Following Bob Ross, who is a famous painter on television, got her excited and eager to try. Since then she has attended art school and taken many classes with Byron Pickering who is often referred to as the best seascape artist alive.

Her Creative Process

What Charlotte enjoys the most is starting out with a blank canvas and then creating something crisp and new. Painting is an ongoing learning process. As an oil painter, for example, she has worked on is finding oils that won't fade in sunlight. Her main goal is to create paintings that transport you from your daily life and take you where you want to be. Her paintings give the impression you could walk right into them.

Paintings By Charlotte Light

Charlotte offers original art for sale, not copies. She also takes on freelance projects if you have a clear idea of what you want. Please keep in mind that some of the artist's personality always goes into their work. So before commissioning a painting, be sure to determine Charlotte's style is right for you.